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Aiding Organizations in the Public and Private Sectors

The JJK Group, Inc. specializes in personnel investigation as well as providing leadership and policy consulting to law enforcement agencies, animal services agencies, fire departments, school districts, and other public and private sector organizations in California. We are qualified to provide expert witness services relating to policy, procedures, and training for both law enforcement and animal services issues.

Based in Central California, our firm has significant experience at the executive, management, and supervisory levels in public safety. At the same time, our diverse team also brings to the table many years of practical experience in personnel matters, investigations, field operations, and critical incident response, having served with a variety of municipal, county and state agencies, as well as special districts.

Our Mission

To provide prompt, principled, and professional service to our clients in the resolution of sensitive personnel matters and the implementation of best policies and practices.

Our Values

At The JJK Group, Inc., we are committed to professionalism, integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, and sensitivity to the needs of our clients and their employees.

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